Teresa Hart

Living with Intent
Feng Shui Consultant

Outer Feng Shui

Optimize the energy flow for you landscapes and environments. Synchronize your life with the Universal Flow. Being in balance with this vital life force promotes health, happiness, peace and prosperity in:

  •  Home
  •  Office
  •  Garden
  • Incorporate the best of East and West with the magic of Sacred Geometry and Geomancy. Ancient techniques from both worlds are used to eliminate noxious electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) that are disruptive to living and working spaces. Special tools and techniques are used to ground replica rolex watches and harmonize the home or work environment.

    Teresa also offers assistance in:

  •  Clearing Energy Blocks - Current and Historic
  •  Clearing Clutter
  •  Organizing Flow in Home or Business
  •  Buying or Selling Property
  •  Design Assistance and Plan Review
  • Phone 503-244-1618
    email :: teresa@TeresaHart.com
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